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Cash Flow Calculations and Commercial Real Estate Valuation.






RockportVALTM is a commercial real estate valuation tool and cashflow modeling platform that is a more user friendly, affordable, efficient and very powerful alternative to all the other products on the market.  It’s cloud-based so you can login to VAL from anywhere, on any device.  Seamlessly collaborate and share with colleagues and clients.

Learn how your team can benefit from technology’s newest solution to DCF modeling and valuation.

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RockportVALTM helps you analyze deals  more efficiently and make informed decisions faster. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface means  you can build discounted cash flow models with little to no downtime. Our cloud-based architecture eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure requirements or support. No installation necessary . Just log-in. VAL’s analytical, commercial real estate valuation tools and robust reporting suite provide the information you need, when you want it.

Learn the answers to many frequently asked questions about our innovative commercial real estate property software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Features

  • Secure: Secure Amazon Web Services hosting
  • Affordable: Flexible pricing structure
  • User Friendly Interface: Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Data Integrations: Internal and third-party integrations
  • Quick Import: Third-party application support
  • Collaboration & Sharing: Work on the same model with peers
  • Speed: View model updates instantly
  • Accuracy: Meets industry standard calculations
  • Transparency: Transparent calculations
  • Robust Reporting Suite: Over 70 built-in reports
  • Web-Based: Connect anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Auto Save: All model versions are auto-saved
  • File Archive: No more searching or offline archiving models
  • Version Control: All users use same version all the time
  • Stacking Plan: Build a stacking plan from the rent roll
  • Dynamic Platform: Regular product enhancements

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