DisruptCRE NYC 2019 Panel Discussion

Rockport VAL’s CRO, Brian Mascis, joined commercial real estate decision makers at the recent DisruptCRE conference in NYC to discuss how CRE professionals are using data and how that data is changing the industry. DisruptCRE events are designed to introduce and educate new CRE technologies and trends to real estate professionals.

Brian was joined by the co-founder and CEO of CompStak, Michael Mandel, Vice President of Brookfield Properties, Kent Tarrach, and Director of Moody’s Analytics Accelerator, Harry Blanchard and discussed how new technologies provide an alternative to old methods and improve the commercial real estate market’s ability to make accurate and informed decisions.

Topics discussed by DisruptCRE panel include:

Why is a technologically advanced CRE data platform important?

Data has always been key to evaluating real estate, but up until recently the only options available to the commercial real estate industry were old and out of date. Brian explains, “These larger organizations have lots of data and trying to locate it to make informed executive decisions is critical, and that’s what we’re here to provide.”

VAL’s web-based, analytical commercial real estate valuation tools are moving the CRE industry away from older methods, where data sets are coming from a variety of different sources, and into a central database accessible by VAL’s technologically advanced platform. Rockport VAL allows brokers, lenders, and appraisers the ability to access homogenizing the data and offers commercial real estate organizations a more efficient way to make informed, accurate decisions.

What is the current mindset of the CRE industry and can VAL change it?

The commercial real estate market has been working with data in the same way for over 20 years, using Excel spreadsheets to calculate and analyze complicated real estate valuations.

Brian expressed, “… there’s efficiencies to be gained and a better process overall to make better informed decisions quicker and faster.” VAL’s cloud-based valuation tools enable CRE professionals to collaborate and share data seamlessly with colleagues and clients.

Brian spoke about some of the challenges facing Rockport VAL as they disrupt the marketplace and introduce a more transparent process to cash flow modeling and valuation. Brian, like many innovators in the commercial real estate technology space, believe that applications with open architecture, transparency, and interconnectivity will make the industry stronger and, with a little bit of education, become a welcomed alternative to what already exists.

Can VAL be a one-stop shop in the future?

Brian and the panelists all shared that they believe technologically advanced platforms and API are the future of commercial real estate modeling and valuations. Collaboration is at the root to the success and advancement of VAL and technologies like it. Brian says, “for us it’s maintaining and keeping focus on what it is that the market really needs. We speak with a lot of different potential partners about different things.”

VAL is the cloud-based valuation solution for Moody’s Analytics REIS Network

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And so it begins: Moody’s launches CRE portal to challenge CoStar’s dominance

REIS Network will provide data services and tools from firms including CompStak and Rockport VAL

By David Jeans | February 05, 2019 06:14PM

Keith Berry, the founder and head of the Moody's Analytics

Moody’s Analytics has launched its long-planned commercial real estate data portal, highlighting the company’s push into a space largely dominated by the CoStar Group.

The financial services giant, which is valued at $31 billion, has over the past year acquired, invested and partnered with data companies to provide a centralized portal of commercial real estate transaction tools. The Real Deal last month reported the company’s plans to build the portal, which would provide access to data from firms including Compstak and Rockport VAL

The new portal, REIS Network, is named after the commercial real estate data company it acquired last September for $278 million. REIS was initially approached by CoStar for a sale, but after concerns for unwanted antitrust attention by the Federal Trade Commission, the discussions dissolved.

Among the tools available on the portal are a CRE mortgage loans, property-level data, commercial lease comps and a cloud-based valuation platform. In a statement, Moody’s Analytics Accelerator executive director Keith Berry said that the portal will streamline data sources and tools for the commercial real estate industry.

“Our goal is to become a leading source for data and analytics for commercial real estate transactions,” Berry said.

The company enters a data industry that for decades has been dominated by Washington D.C.-based CoStar Group, which is valued at $14.6 billion. CoStar’s core product is providing property level data to the commercial real estate industry, which is obtained largely through cold calling brokers for information. It has also diversified its portfolio and entered the residential space with a flurry of acquisitions in recent years, the largest being Apartments.com. CoStar declined to comment on Moody’s announcement.

Rockport VAL wins 2018 Real Estate Tech Award from CREtech

Rockport VAL, LLC celebrates astounding achievement in the Real Estate Tech Awards

New York, NY (December 6, 2018) — Rockport VAL, LLC, the ultimate CRE Valuation and Modeling platform, is pleased to announce that they are a Real Estate Tech Awards (#RETAS) winner in the Transaction & Underwriting category, presented by CREtech, the leading event, content and connectivity platform for the commercial real estate industry,

The #RETAS are the most prestigious award for tech startups and founders, recognizing the most innovative and cutting-edge companies in the commercial real estate industry.

Two Rockport Val employees receiving the 2018 CRETech Real Estate Tech award

So, what is Rockport VAL?

VAL is a cloud-based, cutting-edge, easy-to-use CRE valuation, modeling and forecasting platform. It increases efficiency, provides greater reliability and streamlines collaboration and sharing between colleagues and clients. Its cloud-based design allows easy accessibility to your models from anywhere, on any device.

VAL is the fastest valuation and modeling platform on the market, performing complex calculations in less than a second. It requires no installation, and, therefore, no costly infrastructure to maintain.

Have valuation models built elsewhere? Use VAL’s custom import tool to quickly and easily upload them to our platform.  There is a FREE trial of VAL waiting for you to test out. Visit our website at www.RockportVAL.com or email us at sales@RockportVAL.com

VAL – The Ultimate Valuation, Modeling & Forecasting SaaS Platform for the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

Founded by Rick Trepp in 2017, Rockport VAL enjoys the benefit of having Moody’s Analytics, a subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation a global institution, as an investor, joint developer and licensor of VAL.


VAL is the answer to the industry’s need for a cutting-edge property investment software and an advanced cloud-based commercial real estate platform for valuation, cash flow forecasting and modeling that efficiently calculates the value of commercial real estate property.

Platform Features:

  • VAL makes sharing and collaboration easy – allowing people in different departments and time zones – in the office and on their mobile – to work on the same models simultaneously.
  • VAL allows you to securely connect anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • VAL does not require installation and eliminates the need for costly IT infrastructure and maintenance.
  • VAL has affordable pricing structures.
  • VAL’s Calc Engine™ performs all complex computations in less than a second.

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