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Leading Brokerage Firms, Lenders, Appraisers, Owners/Investors, and Due Diligence Providers are Imbedding VAL Directly into their Workflow

New York, NY – January 21, 2021

Rockport VAL TM, the award-winning CRE Cash Flow Modeling & Valuation platform, announces enhanced API integration technology in its underwriting SaaS platform. VAL’s API redefines property cashflow modeling, valuation, and appraisal report generation by making the integration process friction-free.

“The market has long been saddled with awkward interfaces,” said Rick Trepp, VAL’s founder and CEO. “The VAL API offers what the industry has been begging for over the past decade – an enterprise class property cashflow modeling and valuation tool, which plays well with third party systems and integrates in real time.”

Many of the world’s leading commercial real estate institutions including brokerage firms, lenders, appraisers, owners/investors, and due diligence providers are imbedding VAL into their workflow and leveraging VAL’s API to automate – and seamlessly push and pull data to meet their growing needs.

Recently, Realquantum, one of the premier commercial property appraisal software platforms, integrated with VAL to give fee appraisers, assessors, and other commercial real estate valuation professionals the ability to seamlessly feed discounted cash flow and valuation results directly into their appraisal reports. The connection of the two platforms is another example of VAL’s mission to serve as a medium-of-exchange across the vast number of solutions that serve the commercial real estate industry.

“We chose to integrate with Rockport VAL because our subscribers also need easy to use discounted cash flow modeling. Rockport VAL delivers powerful DCF and a great user experience,” said Jeff Weiner, CEO, Realquantum. “Our customers can now import a Rockport VAL DCF model into their appraisals with just a few clicks.”

About Rockport VAL, LLC

Rockport VAL, LLC (“Rockport VAL”) is a customer and industry driven commercial real estate technology company that equips the fast-paced world of underwriting, cash flow modeling and commercial property valuation with a modern and reliable cloud-based platform. Leveraging a team with decades of expertise in commercial real estate and technology, VAL was built in response to the industry’s need for a technologically advanced SaaS platform for discounted cash flow valuation, maximized collaboration and ease of use while ensuring optimum accuracy and security.

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