Frequently Asked Questions

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General Information

  • What is VAL?
  • VAL is a cloud-based commercial real estate Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Valuation platform. VAL has been built to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and create transparency.
  • Who should use VAL?
  • Investment sales brokers, commercial mortgage debt brokers, CRE lenders, appraisers/appraisal review firms, owners, investors, asset managers, special servicers, and due diligence, consulting, and advisory firms will benefit from VAL.
  • Who hosts the application? Where will my information be stored?
  • VAL is a cloud-based application. All data is stored on Amazon Web Services.
  • Do we need to purchase additional hardware or software to use VAL?
  • VAL is cloud-based SaaS application and does not require additional hardware, software or client technology support. The only software requirements are an internet browser (currently Chrome or Firefox – additional browsers will be added based on client demand), Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat (for data exports).
  • How long is the implementation period?
  • Customers may begin using VAL immediately. A training session is recommended and is included with each subscription. VAL’s intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to use VAL right away.
  • Does Rockport VAL charge by number of users?
  • VAL offers per-user licenses. There is no limit on the number of user licenses that can be purchased. VAL offers licenses on an annual basis, as well as bulk licenses for larger organizations.

Product Information

  • Is VAL a true cloud-based platform?
  • Yes, you can login to VAL from anywhere – anytime – on any device – provided internet access is available.
  • Is VAL mobile accessible?
  • Yes, VAL is optimized for mobile use.
  • Does VAL export to Excel?
  • All reports from VAL will export to Microsoft Excel and pdf formats.
  • Does VAL import from other common industry applications?
  • VAL currently supports uploads from many export formats, including reXML and Excel.
  • Is VAL able to import data from third party software?
  • VAL can interface with third-party systems via web services or API.
  • Does VAL provide standard reports?
  • VAL has over 70 of built-in reports available.
  • Does VAL provide users any customized reports?
  • Please contact us for more information.
  • Which version of VAL will be available?
  • VAL is cloud-based. Periodic product releases will be pushed to all users at the same time and therefore, all users will be working in the same VAL release eliminating versioning conflicts.
  • Is Rockport VAL SOC compliant?
  • Yes, we are SOC 2 compliant.
  • How does VAL authenticate users?
  • Rockport VAL uses Auth0, a trusted identity authentication platform across the globe.

My Data

  • Who owns the information I enter into VAL?
  • Rockport VAL clients own their own data exclusively.
  • Who can see my information? Does Rockport VAL share my data?
  • Rockport VAL clients can see their own data, AND ONLY their own data. There is no data sharing between clients or with any third parties.
  • Does Rockport VAL allow a third-party vendor to access the system?
  • Yes. Rockport VAL can provide clients’ third-party service providers with limited access logins.
  • Does VAL allow us to provide read-only access to certain users?
  • Yes. User access is entirely configurable by individual user or user group. This includes read/edit access by portfolios, screens, and reports.
  • How do we know if data has been changed and who might have changed it?
  • All users’ changes are logged and can be made available upon request.

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