Enhanced Multifamily Functionality

VAL Expands Powerful Modeling Platform



VAL Expands Powerful Modeling Platform with Release of Enhanced Multifamily Functionality

CRE’s most technologically advanced cashflow modeling and valuation platform continues to innovate

Bring the power of VAL to your multifamily modeling! From the most straight forward “back of the napkin” calculations, to more complicated lease-up/renovation projections, VAL has you covered.


Notable highlights:

  • Underwrite at the unit mix level or on a unit by unit basis
  • Build a simple stabilized 1-year cash flow or create a multi-year proforma
  • Create and apply rollover assumptions (e.g. downtime, concessions, etc.) for a more precise and detailed proforma
  • Proforma non-stabilized assets using staggered lease-up and renovation costs
  • Create unlimited property valuations using a Direct Cap or a DCF
  • Roll-up your multifamily properties into your portfolio to look at aggregated cash flows and valuations

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