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CRE Spoke. Rockport VAL Listened.

Product Release Notes:

Sprint #76

Sprint #76

1) Multifamily Rent Roll Import & Export

  • Seamlessly import existing multifamily rent rolls, large or small, using VAL’s Excel import template.
  • Simply cut and paste data into the template, select the file on VAL’s rent roll import window, and click import!
  • Export complete rent roll back to Excel with one click of a button.
  • Track and manage file activity in the Import/Export Manger.

2) Property Valuation Redesign and Enhanced Functionality

  • A redesigned grid-view layout, including drop-down and toggle switch functionality facilitates a quicker and more streamlined input experience.
  • The new filter function allows users to quickly find a specific valuation from the table.
  • Easily change between various valuations with a new “Use as Default” toggle

3) Property Info Redesign and Google Maps integration

  • VAL’s property address section now has integration with Google Maps and The United States Census Bureau.
  • Using the added input fields (Street, City, State, Zip, Country, Region, Division, and MSA) VAL will generate an interactive map and populate census provided location data.
  • Location data fields have also been added to the master properties page for a more details sorting and filtering of models.
  • Users have the option to input separate legal and/or physical addresses when applicable.
  • Embedded is the full function of Google Maps: latitude and longitude, satellite, terrain and street views.

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