Real Estate Forum, June 2019
(An ALM Publication)

Rick Trepp

Founder & CEO, VAL

In a career spanning four decades, Richard Trepp has carved out a reputation as a leading capital advisor. As the founder and CEO of Rockport VAL LLC, Trepp has been a trail-blazer in the industry, from being the first independent non-big eight firm to be approved by S&P to provide cash flow models for tax exempt housing finance in 1979 to modeling commercial mortgage-backed securities as they were being issued. He has also simplified the surveillance of CMBS by major investors, an effort that has become a pillar of the firm’s online marketplace in the mid-1990s. Finally and perhaps most importantly, he has also founded his current company Rockport VAL in 2017. VAL is a collaboration with Moody’s Analytics, and while Trepp envi- sioned the company, his partnership with Moody’s brought the concept to fruition in only a few years. The company provides cloud-based cash flow modeling and valuation services using the newest technology.

As part of his current venture, Trepp is creating yet another innovative standard in modeling and valuing commercial real estate assets by leveraging technology. Moody’s is currently using VAL as the modeling and valuation component in their REIS Network, which pairs real estate data with investments and risk management models. While developing the technology side of the business, Trepp has also launched DUS Disclose and DUS Insights with Fannie Mae and expansion at Rockport.

In short, Trepp has an established reputation launching prominent companies that have a big impact on the industry. Formerly, he has owned an information, analytics and technology company for the CMBS market, which became an industry standard before Trepp sold it in 2004 to DMGT. Then, in 2002, Trepp launched Rockport LLC, a SaaS application for commercial mortgage loan origination, underwriting, and asset management. With these two companies, Trepp has become known as a market disruptor, and plans to carry on the tradition with Rockport VAL.

When he isn’t busy pioneering new concepts within the capital markets industry, Trepp is trailblazing in other aspects of the industry and community. Among the many boards he serves on, Trepp has been a sponsor, board member and head of the finance committee at Avenues for Justice for the last 15 years. The program provides an alternative to incarceration for at-risk adolescents. Additionally, he is a board member of the National Scholastic Chess Foundation, which supports and teaches competitive chess and integrates chess into the classroom.

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