VAL Bisnow

What if market rents decrease?

What if your biggest tenant vacates tomorrow?

What if cap rates increase — and their effect on valuation?

In these challenging times, anticipating changes in the market has become harder than ever — VAL provides the tools to easily explore the impact on CRE assets.

Solve for varying scenarios related to Leasing Assumptions, Rent Rolls, Valuations, and Debt — all within ONE model.

VAL’s other Key Features:

  • 100% cloud-based platform — login from anywhere — on any device
  • Extremely user-friendly and flexible interface
  • Share models with an unlimited number of people — no license required to view
  • 2-way API data feeds in from and/or out to other sources and platforms
  • Easily import data from other models — or copy/paste from Excel — no need to recreate existing models

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