What Makes VAL Different

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What Makes VAL Different

VAL sets itself apart from other discounted cash flow modeling platforms through innovation. With VAL, you’ll get a more user-friendly and intuitive interface, enhanced functionality, and increased efficiency all at an up-front price point. Our cloud-based architecture is easier to use, more convenient to update, and can integrate with the internal and external applications you’re already using. Learn more about what makes VAL’s commercial property modeling and valuation software different than its competitors.

VAL fills a void in the world of DCF valuation software and modeling platforms. Its innovators saw the need for a platform that is more user friendly, easier to integrate, and has the ability to multitask where others fall short. From both a technological standpoint and the user experience perspective, VAL simply offers commercial real estate investors and service providers a better way to do things.

VAL is bridging the gap in discounted cash flow modeling platforms. If you’d like to learn more about our easy-to-use, cost-effective platform, or to schedule a demo, contact us today!


  • Installation: Because VAL is web-based, adoption is much more streamlined and cost-effective. There are no additional fees after licensing. VAL hosts and maintains all of the data. With other competitors, you pay initial licensing fees, but can then encounter additional costs for maintenance and execution during install. These added costs can be more than double the cost of the initial licensing. With VAL, there is no technical installation, which means no hidden fees.
  • Integration: VAL was built with open architecture that allows for integration with other applications, whether internal (client-specific products and/or commercial real estate database software) or external (other SaaS applications). Other platforms don’t offer this type of architecture and many users become frustrated with the need to build work arounds in order to use these platforms rather than the platform fitting into their current ecosystem.
  • Versioning: Other platforms release several versions of their software each year which can result in compatibility issues between versions. Because VAL is web-based, there is only one version and every user will be on the same version at the same time. Discover more useful features for real estate underwriting and DCF valuation reports.

User Experience

  • Valuation: VAL has the ability to enter unlimited direct capitalization and DCF valuations within any given analysis period. Other platforms may only have the ability to enter two valuations, one as of the analysis start date, and one as of a future date.
  • Scenarios: VAL has the ability to run scenarios on various market leasing assumptions without creating separate models, and results are displayed in real-time. Other platforms require two separate models to do this, which makes managing inputs difficult. In other platforms, users must maintain two separate rent rolls and update each accordingly, but with VAL this is streamlined.
  • Intuitive UI: Users, and industry professionals have noted that VAL has an intuitive and well-thought-out interface with easy-to-follow navigation provided by the left-hand menu. Other platforms have more cumbersome tab-style layouts which users describe as “clunky.”
  • System Enhancements: Many users have noted that other real estate valuation and underwriting software contain calculation bugs and creators have been slow to address them. VAL deploys updates on a two-week cycle, so we can make sure that new features or any issues are addressed right away resulting in a seamless customer experience.

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